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OPENING OF THE BEL 05/04/2018, La Valletta

On the 5th of April, it was held in Valletta (Conference Center MSpace) the 1st meeting of the Regional Blue Energy Lab, organized within the framework of the MAESTRALE project. MIEMA (the Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency), as partner in the MAESTRALE project, organized this 1st meeting of the Maltese BEL with the aim to present MAESTRALE to public bodies and private organizations, having an interest in the development of marine-based renewable energy sources in Malta.
The meeting gathered 24 participants and included speeches by Mr Jason Bongailas from Malta Marittima, Professor Aldo Drago from the University of Malta - Physical Oceanography Unit, and Mr Stephen Micallef from the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST). 

Other three meetings are scheduled up to July 2019, with the final purpose of establishing a Blue Energy cluster in the country and define pilot projects. MIEMA will organize the next meeting in September 2018.

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2nd BEL - 17 October 2018

Second BEL was organized on 17th October 2018: during the meeting special attention was paid to fostering synergies with the current activities of Malta Marittima– the national Agency tasked with the development of sea-related clusters in the Maltese Islands, as well as on a possible development of a blue energy cluster for Malta. 
Discussions held within the BEL led to the identification of two pilot projects: one focusing on the production of biofuels from macro-algae expressly cultivated at sea, and one for exploiting marine thermal energy for the heating and cooling of coastal hotels and resorts. These pilots will be the subjects of two feasibility studies and of a more in-depth discussion during the next two BEL meetings.



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