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Opening of the BEL – Monfalcone, 15th February 2018

INFORMEST, with the technical support of the Maritime Technology Cluster MARE FVG and  of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, acting in the project as associated partner of MAESTRALE, organized the 1st working table among the regional stakeholders already active or interested in operating in the Blue Energy, involving around 20 participants, both from public and private sector.
The aim of the workshop was to present the MAESTRALE project to main regional stakeholders and of technological solutions and experimentations already active in the Adriatic sea, in order to stimulate a discussion on meanings of Blue Energy and of its possible potential.
As a synthesis of the meeting, the FVG stakeholders identified as possible solutions the creation of a chain of the metalworking / new materials sector and the development of  some hypothesis for use of microalgae and salinity gradient as energy source.

2nd BEL - Monfalcone, 12th September 2018

INFORMEST and the Maritime Technology Cluster MARE FVG (technical partner of INFORMEST) have organized at the headquarters of MARE FVG in Monfalcone (Gorizia) the 2nd BEL among the regional stakeholders.
The main purpose of this 2nd BEL was the deepening and the evaluation of the feasibility and the economic and environmental sustainability of the 2 PPs already identified in principle during the 1st RBEL of last 15 February.
The 1st PP concerns the regional supply chain of that design and produce maritime engineering components/innovative materials for wind turbines, wave and marine current converters and that can transfer its consolidated experience in other seas, also thanks to the R&D activity of several regional research bodies. The 2nd PP is the exploitation of marine microalgae for the production of bio-fuels.