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Opening of the BEL: 03/05/2018, Grosseto

During the meeting the MAESTRALE project was introduced. Then main aim was to find out opportunities and limits for Blue Energy development. The topics considered were the main sources available in Tuscany region, their potentials, the type of applicable technology and the national legal framework within which marine renewable energies are deployed.
Main potentials and opportunities were shown and discussed. According to audience, one of the most important limit to overcome concerns the lack of legal tools and laws to regulate and better implement the BE.
Experts shown the main potential: waves, winds, and marine currents presenting hotspot areas with good potentials.
The audience was active and interested in the discussion of topics, and gave their availability for future involvement and contacts.

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2nd Blue Energy Laboratory for University of Siena

UNISI held its 2nd BEL on the 26th February 2019 at Giglio Island (GR). The main objective of this second regional meeting was to find out possible BE solutions to be implemented in Giglio Island. To this aim, an inspection to Giglio harbour and to the desalination plant of the island was done in order to evaluate:

  • the possibility of installing a wave energy converter for the refurbishment of the already existing harbour or,
  • the feasibility of producing energy through the osmotic gradient in the desalination plant. 

During the inspection all the fundamental stakeholders such as the Major of Giglio Island, the Vice-President of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, and the main representatives of public services of Acquedotto (Waterworks) del Fiora, Terna and S.I.E were involved in the activities. Together with the fundamental stakeholders, citizens of Giglio Island that took part actively in the event expressing their interest in BE and raising questions regarding possible positive or negative impacts.


3nd Blue Energy Laboratory - 21 June 2019

During the third BEL meeting held in Punta Ala on the 21st June 2019, the attention was focused on the possible blue energy solutions that could be potentially implemented at the Punta Ala harbour. Therefore, the meeting was preparatory for the selection of the second pilot and a series of available existent technologies were presented to the audience in order to understand what may be their opportunities and limits for the Mediterranean Area and, more in particular, for the Tuscany coastline. The attention was focused on the osmotic gradient potentials, but alternative solutions can regard wave converters and thermal gradient technologies. Five experts of the sector gave a presentation on:

  • thermal gradient (by Prof. Massimiliano Scarpa, IUAV);
  • osmotic gradient (by Prof. Andrea Cipollina and Prof. Giorgio Micale, UNIPA);
  • wave converters (by Prof. Pier Luigi Aminti, UNIFI)
  • landscape and social acceptance (by Prof. Gabriele Paolinelli, UNIFI)

With the aim of involving the local community, the Marina of Punta Ala company, the Yacht Club and the Municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia were invited and attended the event.

4th Blue Energy Laboratory

On Wednesday 11th September, organized by UNISI, it was held the last meeting as part of the regional BEL activities . At the regional headquarters in Florence, some of the results achieved by the MAESTRALE project were presented. The focus was on the pilot experiences occurred in Giglio Island and Punta Ala and on the transfer activities carried out in collaboration with the Sarrocchi Technical Institute. Representatives of the local administration from Giglio Island and Punta Ala, members of the Marina di Punta Ala and, the head teacher of the Sarrocchi Institute actively participated in the event. Furthermore, possible developments regarding blue energy in the Tuscan territory were discussed thanks to the speeches of Sauro Sorini from the Tuscan Region and Carlo Brandini from LaMMA.