Goriška Local Energy Agency – GOLEA


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1st BEL: 5/11/2018, Izola

It was held last 5th November the 1st BEL for Maestrale project partner GOLEA – Nova Gorica Local Energy Agency. The meeting was held in Izola, and was attended by 10 participants, both from energy agencies, Public Authorities and enterprises: after a brieg introduction on project goals and first results achieved, participants debated on various types of technologies and the possibilities for their implementation in Slovenia. The ideas that have been born will be further explored, and in the coming months, proposals for pilot projects will be collected. The collected proposals will be analysed at the next meeting, that is planned for next January 2019. The meeting was organized jointly with SEADRION project from Interreg Adrion, in order to support and boost knowledge transfer and share of opportunities for local communities and stakeholders.

2nd BEL - Koper 

The aim of the meeting was a review of Maestrale project progress and presentation of the last achieved results. During the meeting, it was discussed the selection of the two pilot projects. In the preliminary phase of pilot projects selection there were present ideas of different Blue

energy technology types. During the Public call GOLEA received two proposals for Pilot projects. Both proposals came from municipality of Izola and they predict use of Blue energy as energy source for thermal use of sea water with sea water heat pumps. Proposed Pilot projects were

discussed during the meeting and agreed to be appropriate for selection. Research of selected Pilot projects will be done during project study with external experts. The result of study will be documentation for installation of pilot projects.

3rd BEL -  Izola

On the 6th of August 2019, it was held in Izola the 3rd Regional Blue Energy Lab. The event was focused on Pilot projects. During the event was organized visit and examination of both pilot projects locations and ideas for pilot projects realization were presented and discussed.

In the first part of the event was presented the process of external expert selection for preparation of Pilot projects documentation. As most appropriate company Nom Biro was selected to prepare documentation for two Pilot projects.
In the second part of the meeting, site view of two Pilot projects locations has been arranged. Firstly, it was  visited location of pilot project in the building of Verdijeva 1, Izola. The building is located near the sea. The technical solution used for Verdijeva 1 will be SWHP with intake and discharge of seawater directly from the sea or alternatively with closed loop system. Then pilot project location is Health care centre in Izola which is located approximately 255 m from the seashore. In this pilot project a different technical solution for SWHP will be used. Seawater will be pumped from the borehole, where mix of seawater and groundwater is found. In the facility there is boiler room with installed LPG boilers (3x1000 kW). Decision was made to replace only part of the LPG system with new SWHP.

Last part of the BEL was structured as expert consultation. The data of current energy use in the buildings and the nominal power of the heating and cooling systems were analysed and the performance of existing systems was inspected.