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1st Blue Energy Lab of the Valencia Region -25/02/2019

This event was co-organised by Fundación ValenciaPort (Valenciaport Foundation) and CEEI Valencia (Business Innovation Center_BIC of Valencia). Its objetive was to dimensione and disclose the advances and developments made in the Blue Energy Sector in the Valencian Region, and inform about the work done by the Valencian companies and technological institutes in the aforementioned sector.

The 1st Regional Bel was structured in some round tables with important participants. The main issues covered were:

·         Marine Port Technologies and Initiatives

·         Marine Renewable Energies

·         Technologies in Renewable Energies

The range of stakeholders is to be highlighted: 2 ports (Valencia and Castellón), 5 companies introducing their innovations, research centres and training organisations, non-profit entities, all they have contribute with their last developments in the Blue Economy Area. A wide variety of participants attending included front line workers, technicians, researchers, representatives of the Administration or entrepreneurs. A total of 33 persons expressed their interest in the issues dealt and the future activities of Maestrale Project.

2nd Blue Energy Lab - Cleantech Startup City Workshop

In the framework of the Cleantech Sesame Summit 2019, the 2nd Blue Energy Lab (BEL), was implemented, focused on the use of blue energies, their technology and impact on society. A meeting was developed, and different papers on clean energy were presented.
One of the cleantech emerging sectors is blue growth and its implementation of the blue energy in the Mediterranean sea. MAESTRALE project, coordinated by CEEI in Valencia, aims to lay the foundations for a strategy for the deployment of maritime energy in the Mediterranean area.
Participating in this 2nd BEL were the representatives of important organisations, and they discused about how startups, corporates, and main actors are encouraging cleantech implementation in smart cities. Experts from cluster, port, startup and business support organization, presented their different approaches and action plans to promote innovation and the promotion of clean technologies.
A round table was held, with the participation of Marcos J. Lacruz, President of AVAESEN (Valencian Energy Industries Association), Andrea Novás, Project Manager of the company Rotary Wave, Raúl Cascajo, Head of Environmental policies of Valencia Port and Juan Pablo Torregrosa, Coordinator of international projects of CEEI Valencia and Maestrale, acting as moderator.
Valencia Port explained its intention to install a wind and photovoltaic park; AVAESEN drew attention to the actions they carry out to support Cleantech entrepreneurs and Rotary Wave shared in more detail how the Valencian coast may benefit from its innovative devices.
The event was attended by more than 30 entrepreneurs and startups who showed their interest in promoting the use of these technologies, and participating in the training modules for entrepreneurs that CEEI Valencia will carry out in the framework of MAESTRALE project.

3rd Blue Energy Lab - Meeting  

It was helded on 2 July 2019 the 3rd BEL for the Spanish partner Business Innovation Centre of Valencia – CEEI Valencia. During the event, more than 70 participants debated about the future of marine renewable energy  and its impact on the Mediterranean Sea.
The BEL was an important occasion to discuss how "blue energies" and marine energies could be one of the renewable energies with high social impact, and its job opportunity for Valencian Community.

Eduardo Armer, of the Imedes Group has presented the Blue Economy Study in the Valencian Community of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Model  and Vicente Tasso, Technical Coordinator at Oceansnell, explained the current environmental regulations and compatibility reports.
Ruth Yagüe and Miguel Ángel García from CDTI, Javier Minguez from IVACE and Ramón Ferrandis from CEEI Valencia, explained the existing funding opportunities for all entrepreneurs, SMEs. or startups that are thinking about undertaking in the renewable energy sector.
After the break, Typsa's Hydrodynamic Modeling Manager, Javier Abanades, explained the steps to follow to start up Blue Energy plants using his Gravi3 device as an example.
During the round table, Enrique Ferrer, Secretary-Manager of the Fishermen's Association of Gandia, Jose Luis Fayos, Responsible for the Technical and Internationalization Area of ​​ANEN, Vicente Tasso and Javier Abanades highlighted the importance of taking into account "all actors that participate in the sea ", so that the coexistence of marine renewable energy systems with nautical recreational activities, fishing, environmental impact and tourism is compatible.
To end the morning's speeches, Ernesto Faubel, coordinator of the MatchUp project in Valencia City Council, explained within this project the wave initiative, which will allow the implementation of wave converting devices in the docks of the ports to generate energy for street lighting .

3rd BLUE ENERGY LAB  - Training 

The course allowed its participants to develop an entrepreneurial vision on products based on Blue Energy technologies. The objective was to promote basic skills for the creation and growth of business activity based on the blue energy economy.

This training was aimed at entrepreneurs, public authorities, researchers, University students, who intend to develop or already have activity in the field of Blue Energy.

Roberto Touza, carried out this innovation workshop in business model, which has been attended by more than 30 participants and in which innovation has worked in companies and new companies, taking into account what are the most important points of a business model. business, how can we protect it and how can it innovate.