Why blue energy is important for private sector?

The Spanish point of view

Part of Maestrale long-term mission is to investigate more closely how it is possible to enhance the cooperation between private and public sector within the Marine Renewable Energies sector - being this a field where such an interaction is most needed, in order to support both long-lasting research activities and the critical and expensive passage from a pioneering phase  to industrial implementation. To better understand this peculiar focus of our project have a look at this video interview to Javier Abanades, Responsible of Offshore Innovation Projects of Typsa Group and to Juan Pablo Torregrossa, Project manager at Cei Valencia, Maestrale project partner. The interviews were recorded during the Focus Pyme y Emprendimiento Baix Vinalopó 2018 event, dedicated to the "Crecimiento Azul" (Blue Growth). Abanades participates in Maestrale project ax External Expert for the CEEI Valencia Partner. The interviews show effectively how the public/private interaction can work and make the difference and how Maestrale is giving a major contribution to map the worldwide status of the art of marine technologies and its concrete potential in the Mediterranean context.