Success for BRIGHT 2018 in Siena

Hundred of people visited UniSiena stand

Maestrale project was presented during BRIGHT 2018 European Research Night Initiative, joined also by Maestrale Lead Partner, the University of Siena with Ecodynamics Department.
A stand was set up in Piazza del Campo, with a lot of dissemination materials available and a prototype for promotion of the Blue Energy. In fact, as a result of a challenging initiative of knowledge transfer, students of the high school Tito Sarrocchi have shown their research on Blue Energy.
A prototype of a yellow kite was created and, exploiting water stream, the prototype was able to switch on a set of led lights.
In the occasion it was also showed a video illustrating the manufacturing of the device by students under the supervision of their professors.
A wide audience was captured by the prototype and by Maestrale activities: adults, families, children but also local and regional authorities spent time with Maestrale staff, asking questions about blue energy and better understanding mechanisms and principles of the blue energies. Some questionnaires on perception of blue energy were filled in.
Among others, the Rector of the University of Siena, the Vice President of the Tuscan Region, the Project Partner of the Interreg Med Plastic Busters MPAs visited the stand, and some interviews at local regional networks were made.

A very good success for our Lead Partner!