Students of Istituto Tecnico e Liceo Sarrocchi - Siena awarded

The award thanks to their participation to maestrale project

The students of ITI Tito Sarrocchi thanks to Maestrale project of Interreg MED Programme during the third edition of the Fiera Didacta Italia, held in Florence on 9-10-11 October 2019, have been awarded by the Regione Toscana for "excellence in the School". The commission awarded the project carried out by the Institute for its highly innovative nature in teaching, for the topics covered and for the completeness of the contents.

The Sarrocchi Institute participated in the competition "La Toscana fa Scuola", reserved for innovative school ideas, presenting as a project the activities of the students carried out in the Interreg project MED MAESTRALE. The students realized the prototypes of Blue Energy, and collaborated with the researchers of Ecodynamics Group of the Università degli Studi di Siena in Transferring activities, communicating to the general public the knowledge acquired over the two years. The students of Sarrocchi have become testimonials of the "Blue Future Generation", we are very proud of the young ambassadors of the Maestrale project!