REWEC3 technology visited by Energy Observer’s crew

The Italian experience dedicated to the port of the future

Maestrale partners visited the Italian experience dedicated to ports in April 2017, recognizing the important value of the prototype.
This summer it was time for the the Energy Observer vessel to met the Italian experience dedicated to the use of wave energy for ports infrastrucutres. In Messina, Energy Observer’s crew was able to discover the prototype, reporting on its journal the detailed explanation provided by Italian experts.
The University of Calabria is working on a system to use the ports’ actual infrastructure to produce clean and renewable energy. The system is based on the REWEC3  technology,  the wave energy converter that transforms the harbours and jetties of ports worldwide into wave energy sources, with a production between 6,000 and 9,000 MWh per kilometer each year, equivalent to an average annual consumption by 1,900 households.
“This system integrates into the port’s infrastructure“, explained Felice Arena, professor of Ocean Engineering, founder of NOEL (Natural Ocean Engineering Lab). All that’s needed is a minor change to the passive infrastructure in order to transform it into an active infrastructure, capable of absorbing energy from the waves in order to produce electricity”.
The prototype was visited by Maestrale partners during the study visit in Civitavecchia had in April 2017.
To read the Energy Observer's experience in Messina read here: , here , while in Maestrale 2nd newsletter you can find the detailed description of the project

PHOTOGRAPH CREDITS to photo library Energy Observer