Pubblication on marine renewable energies

It’s focused on Valencian stakeholders

CEI Valencia, in the framework of its local activities of promotion and dissemination of the Maestrale project, has created an useful publication on marine renewable energies, with a focus on Valencian environment. In the publication are included stakeholders involved in the research, development, promotion and commercialization of elements related to renewable marine energy. It also contains a brief description of each entity, in Spanish and English. The pubblication is open to changes and new additions, since the maritime energy sector is constantly evolving.

Our seas and oceans are in fact have the potential to become important sources of clean energy. Marine renewable energy, which includes both offshore wind energy and ocean energy, offers the EU the opportunity to generate economic growth and employment, improve the security of its energy supply and boost competitiveness through technological innovation.

You can download it here: Marine Renewable Energies - PDF