Offshore wind in Europe: key trends and statistics 2017

Construction and financing activity in European offshore wind farms

According to this report published on the 6 February 2018 by WindEurope, offshore wind in Europe saw a record 3,148 MW of net additional installed capacity in 2017. This was a record: twice as much as 2016 and 4% higher than the previous record in 2015. Europe added (net) 560 new offshore wind turbines across 17 different offshore wind farms. 2017 saw 623 new turbines erected in total, but 11 turbines decommissioned in Denmark, resulting in a net addition of 612 turbines. 82 turbines equivalent to 1,927 MW are awaiting grid connection. 14 projects completed, including the first floating offshore wind farm. Work is ongoing on a further 11 projects in Germany and the UK. 4,149 turbines are now installed and grid-connected, making a cumulative total of 15,780 MW. Including sites that are partially grid-connected, there are now 92 offshore wind farms in 11 European countries including 1 MAESTRALE partner (Spain). The average size of installed offshore wind turbine was 5.9 MW, a 23% increase on 2016. The average size of the grid-connected offshore wind farms in 2017 was 493 MW, 34% higher than the previous year. The average water depth of the wind farms completed or partially completed in 2017 was 27.5 m and the average distance to shore was 41 km. 2017 also saw Final Investment Decision (FID) on 6 new offshore wind projects to be installed in the coming years. The new investments total €7.5bn and cover 2.5 GW of capacity.

As we can see from this report, Europe is moving forward in the field of offshore wind farms. Do you want to know more? Have a look here and follow us on our social media channels!