New Article on Frontiers!

It is focused on Overtopping Breakwater for Energy Conversion system

Maestrale  commitment to scientific research gained a new and most remarkable accomplishment: the recent article on "Frontiers in Energy Research", which was published on April 2019 and reports the research led by Maestrale LP, the Ecodynamics Group, Department of Earth, Environmental and Physical Sciences, University of Siena, Italy.

The study focuses on the Overtopping Breakwater for Energy Conversion (OBREC) system that has been implemented and tested in the harbour of Naples (Italy): the paper presents results of an LCA applied to OBREC, in order to evaluate environmental impacts and benefits in terms of Carbon Footprint. The LCA has been carried out to provide a measure of environmental impacts of OBREC implementation in terms of greenhouse gas emission in a real environment; since OBREC is integrated in an already functioning harbour, the study identified and calculated the environmental investment (in terms of CO2eq) of renewable electricity production to capture the contribution of the additional inputs required by that technology to obtain electricity from an unexploited energy (wave energy in this case).

The research offers an innovative approach to renewable energy: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is widely recognized as useful tool to evaluate environmental burdens of energy produced from different renewable and non-renewable sources and to date, only a small number of LCA on ocean energy converters have been carried out, tackling different aspects, from eco-design to end-of life of plants and evaluating different potential impacts.

Here is the full article: