Mastrale on Green Report

The Italian online magazine

The Italian online magazine “Green Report” wrap up article published on Frontiers in Energy Research “Disaggregating the SWOT Analysis of Marine Renewable Energies”, making a good summary for Italian readers.

 “To date, in Italy, there are no laws that clearly and unambiguously define the procedures to be achieved in order to be able to install renewable marine technologies in our seas (T-Threat). Furthermore, the political competences and responsibilities in this area are held by different actors (Ministries, Regions and Municipalities). This climate of fragmentation creates uncertainties in the sphere of private finance, discouraging investments in projects of this type (T-Threat). Furthermore, the blue energy sector is a young sector that requires constant commitment to research and important investments in innovation and development.”

This is the quote from the article, where after a brief summary on the project aims and objectives, attention was focused on benefits and opportunities in using blue energy.

A good report, that needs absolutely to be read!

Read the article here (link : )