Blue Energy explained to children and students

Università di Siena joined the event “Gocce di futuro 4.0”.

It is called ““Drops of the future 4.0” the initiative financed by Italian Ministry for Education addressed to student of the primary and secondary schools: the aim is to explain to new generations the innovative possibilities of territory and the digital transformation of education and of training processes. The key elemen this year was the water, as driving force for productivity and innovation and Maestrale Lead Partner decided to contribute to the initiative to present Maestrale project and the prototype created with the collaboration of the Istituto Tecnico Professionale Sarrocchi.

On 8th November representatives of Ecodynamics Group organized an educational workshop in Chianciano and presented to students the project main aims and activities, starting from the basis of what is blue energy, why is so important and how water can be used to produce energy.

Great interest from the new generations: let’s hope that the blue energy wave could continue in the future!