Maestrale at Ecomondo fair in Rimini (Italy)

Circular economy opportunities and challenges in the MED area

A representative from the Lead Partner University of Siena – Ecodynamics Group is participating to the Ecomondo Fair in Rimini, with a speech under the first panel dedicated to Circular economy opportunities and challenges in the MED area.Ecomondo is an international event that is held on annual basis in Rimini (Italy), dedicated to all sectors of the circular economy, from recovery of materials to energy and sustainable development. 
In the green and circular economy sector, Italy is at the forefront of Europe, above all in energy efficiency, waste recycling and resource productivity: for this reason, Ecomondo is seen as a reference point to meet all the leading companies in the market, to know the trends, innovations and new technologies and to deal with experts from the sector.

Maestrale has been presented with a dedicated speech: after a brief illustration of the project aims, the speech was dedicated to the technical presentation of the social, economic, technological, legal and environmental dimensions taken into account while investigating on Blue Energies feasibility and on the future development of marine renewable energies supporting circular economy efforts in the Mediterranean. “Developing a circular economy means creating new infrastructures, new processes. This aspect implies the need of a huge quantity of energy in the short term. It would be counterintuitive to develop a circular economy using fossil fuels. Marine renewable energies can be a possible solution to solve the problem of supply energy. This solution may be even stronger for circular economies developing close to the sea. Marine renewable energies could increase the energy independence decreasing costs or price volatility” said the Lead Partner representative.

Ecomondo fair is joined by the entire MED Community: an entire stand is dedicated to the MED Programme, and all projects from different Thematic communities are joining the stand with dedicated spaces.