Improving best practices on blue energy with feasibility & permits

The Greek partner of Maestrale is selecting the areas where the blue energy pilot projects can be installed.

One of the most important 2018 achievements of MAESTRALE project was the GEODATABASE: it improved the knowledge on Blue Energy in the Mediterranean area giving details, technical requirements and information on more than 50 best practices already experimented in the Mediterranean.
But what if we try to take a closer look, starting with the installation constrain that current blue energy technologies demand  at max 100 meters depth in our sea?

This is what our Greek partner is trying to do : select areas that do not have legislative or natural constraints and showcase the potential in these areas of wave, wind and marine currents.  The results will be very useful: from this matching one will be able to identify the areas where the pilot projects can be installed and where installations can meet both legislative requirements and technical features.
This is crucial information for our project and for Greek stakeholders; firstly because it will improve the knowledge on the potential of the Mediterranean sea as “energy producer” and secondly because it will support the elaboration of the correct business plans.

Stay tuned!