EU tidal energy project approved

The project is built on Nova’s power station

The European Commission has given approval for the €20 mln. flagship EU tidal energy project “Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal - EnFAIT”, to proceed to its next stage.
EnFAIT, led by Edinburgh-based Nova Innovation in collaboration with 8 European partner organisations, aims to prove that the reliability and availability of tidal energy arrays can be significantly increased. The project builds on Nova’s existing operational tidal power station in Bluemull Sound off the Shetland Islands in Scotland, which was the world’s first grid-connected offshore array of tidal energy turbines. Key highlights of EnFAIT’s first year have included re-instrumenting the existing 3 turbines to collect improved performance data, extensive tidal resource monitoring activities to build up a detailed understanding of the array site and its characteristics, gaining the necessary site consents and permissions for the planned expansion of the array to six turbines.
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