Conference on Coastal Engineering

Wave energy resources along Calabrian Coasts (Italy)

During the 35th Conference on Coastal Engineering, at Antalya (Turkey), three members of the Department of Civil Engineering from University of Calabria presented a study on wave energy resources that has been performed off the coast of Calabria, a Mediterranean region characterized by a mild wave climate and quite representative of mean sea states in the Mediterranean basin.

Since the assessment of wave energy is fundamental to well evaluate potential wave energy at different sea locations and time scales in conjunction with the related occurrence of hot spots for an optimal installation of Wave Energy Converters (WECs), the wave energy potential has been assessed in deep waters by means of ECMWF operational wave data validated against RON buoys and UKMO data. According to the three experts,  wave power is calculated as a function of the energy wave period deduced from directional wave spectra and compared with widely adopted relationships based on the use of a standard JONSWAP spectrum. The mean yearly and seasonal wave energy is then assessed at selected hot spots for Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas at a water deep of 100 m suitable for the installation of several offshore WECs.

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