Clean energies in Valencia region: 30 people interested

A report from 2nd BEL of CEI Valencia

The first day of the Sesame Summit took place on last 8th April . This event, with an international approach, has been organised to debate the current issues or problems of the Valencian business ecosystem. In this framework, a meeting was developed, and different papers on clean energy were presented. CEEI Valencia participated with its 2nd Blue Energy Lab (BEL), focused on the use of this type of technology and its impact.

A round table was held, with the participation of Marcos J. Lacruz, President of AVAESEN (Valencian Energy Industries Association), Andrea Novás, Project Manager of the company Rotary Wave, Raúl Cascajo, Head of Environmental policies of Valencia Port and Juan Pablo Torregrosa, Coordinator of international projects of CEEI Valencia and Maestrale, acting as moderator.

During the event, Valencia Port explained its intention to install a wind and photovoltaic park; AVAESEN drew attention to the actions they carry out to support Cleantech entrepreneurs and Rotary Wave explained in more detail how the Valencian coast may benefit from its innovative devices.

The event was attended by more than 30 entrepreneurs and startups who showed their interest in promoting the use of these technologies. Also they are willing to participate in the training modules for entrepreneurs that CEEI Valencia will carry out in the framework of MAESTRALE project.