Can RES be stored?

Innovative technology developed by MIT

An innovative technology for solar and wind power developed by @MIT that can be used in the development of our pilot projects in the #Mediterranean.

Good news for all renewables energies and for the development of our pilot projects in the Mediterranean!

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers developed a new system to store renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, and deliver that energy back into an electric grid on demand in the form of white-hot liquid silicon, stored in heavily insulated tanks. It's an innovation that could address one of the most crucial issues within renewables energies - the problem of storage. The system's nickname is "Sun in a box", while the proper scientific name of the model is TEGS-MPV, for Thermal Energy Grid Storage-Multi-Junction Photovoltaics. The conceptual design was presented in December 2018 in an article for the journal "Energy and Environmental Science".

The article at the following link - by MIT news office - gives a full account of the "Sun in a box" design and functioning (link , while here you may find the reference to the article here!divAbstract

Publication: Caleb Amy, et al., “Thermal energy grid storage using multi-junction photovoltaics,” Energy and Environmental Science, 2018).