Beyond regions and sea

Maestrale project source of inspiration for a delegation from the Republic of Korea (South Korea) interested to apply the experience from the MED Programme to North-East Asia.

Maestrale achievements are getting more and more credit at EU level. "Panorama", the magazine of the European Commission dedicated to European Regional and Urban Policy, published recently an article dedicated to Maestrale valued as a key-practice of transboundary cooperation. 

The opportunity came from the visit of Mr Sung-hoon Kim, Head at the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT) to the Interreg Mediterranean programme (at the end of 2018). 

The delegation was interested in better understanding methodologies and objectives of the cross-border programmes, and its possible application in the Asiatic area: Maestrale was presented as a real practical case of cooperation and knowledge transfer.

You may find this amazing experience with the Korean delegation in the full Panorama article: read it here!