About capitalization and synergies

A report from the Capitalization & Community event held in #Athens in June

The Innobluegrowth Horizontal project issued its newsletter with an overview on main findings from the Capitalization & Community event held in #Athens in June with the collaboration of modular projects, among which there was also our project MASTRALE.

The two day workshop was addressed to a discussion on the growth potential of the emerging Maritime Surveillance industry as crucial role for Mediterranean socio-economic development and to the creation of a “Cluster of Clusters”. This new cluster would be composed by National Nodes operating in Mediterranean countries (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus).

During the thematic sessions , participants discussed on how define a transparent, accountable and secure Blue Economy with Maritime Surveillance activities, on the importance of sea frontier’s control, on Public-Private partnership and on necessities to provide qualified and skilled personnel through education & training for market development.

The second day, during the workshop dedicated to the creation of the methodological discussion on cluster methodology and challenges, the Oceanographic Centre of Cyprus Univeristy, partner of MAESTRALE project, presented the project and its main outcomes, starting from the geodatabase and the opportunities of the Blue Energy Labs.
You may find the full report on the event here: https://blue-growth.interreg-med.eu/news-events/news/detail/actualites/blue-growth-community-embraces-the-growth-potential-of-the-emerging-maritime-surveillance-industry-i/  
while presentation of Maestrale can be downloaded here: