67 participants for 2nd BEL at Cyprus Oceanographic Centre

Marine biomass plant and wave energy its Pilot Projects

On 20th September the partner Cyprus Oceanographic Centre organized its second BEL.  During the meeting, that counted on the participation of 67 representatives from local authorities, BSOs, research centres and general public, the national strategy and action plan for the integrated management of coastal zones in Cyprus for the period 2018-2030 was presented. Afterward, it was presented the provisions of the national legislation on Maritime Spatial Planning. The MAESTRALE project was introduced, to the audience, as well as the in-depth results from the BE potential analysis for Cyprus. In addition, the results of the 1st BEL PESTEL analysis were discussed. Finally, speakers from Greece presented the actions and the strategy for the development of maritime spatial planning in Greece and the prospects of the blue growth in Greece and the challenges for the companies since the beginning of the implementation of the maritime spatial planning.

The participants point out the importance of creating a single national plan for maritime spatial planning, which will smooth the current licensing procedures of Blue Energy projects in Cyprus. The positive effects of the creation of Blue Energy projects were highlighted, while the planning and then the implementation of 2 pilot projects of Blue Energy in the MAESTRALE project were decided.

The 1st Pilot project is a Marine Biomass plant, which is going to pump sea water on shore and grow algae in order to be used as biofuel or to be dried and directly used for energy production. The 2nd PP is a pilot wave energy plant. This project will use an innovative floating technology for wave energy harvesting. This technology has already been tested with promising results in areas with lower energy potential than the optimal areas that exist around the island.