4th BEL for IRENA

Realization of 2nd pilot action on the site of kindergarten Radost, Poreč

Regional BEL was organized to discuss further steps in realization of 2nd pilot action. The general idea that was presented at 3rd regional BEL held in June 2019 in City of Labin was discussed in more detail in order to outline is scope within the public procurement that is to be published.

BEL was organized as working session with on-site visit to pilot action location. Representatives from Cities of Novigrad and Poreč, Istrian healt care institutions, Parentium d.o.o. , kindergarten Radost and IRENA were present. Kindergarten Radost is a heritage building included into joint action with other buildings from City of Novigrad and buildings under the management of Istrian health care institutions. The joint action, organized under another Interreg MED project, ENERJ, is establishing cooperative multi public entity teams organized for solving complex energy refurbishment problems, such as those of heritage buildings. Goal of MAESTRALE is to present blue technologies as visually unobtrusive and ideally suited to such buildings. This is the reason that directly uninvolved entities participated in the BEL and it was also the reason for representative of regional conservation office and Arhinatura d.o.o., architect office specialized for refurbishment of heritage buildings, to be present. Pilot action will aim to develop hybrid heating/cooling and electric energy production system based on different applications of sea water. Pilot action consists from development of preliminary system technical design and feasibility and cost benefit analysis based on this design.

Preliminary technical design will define technical outlines of primary sea water based heat pump circuit that can be used not only as thermal energy but also as electric energy production facility. The kindergarten has specific micro location. It is situated on top of the hill with short air distance to nearby port. Technical design will foresee construction of two wells, one for sea water extraction and one for sea water return. Return well will be equipped with micro scale hydro turbine to facilitate electric energy production and thus cover part of the system load. The system will also foresee on site construction of water storage tank. Extraction pump placed into extraction well generally used for heat pump heat exchanger needs will also be used to pump sea water into that tank. The water will be pumped in periods of lower price of grid electricity (night tariff) or for storing excessive PV production – water storage tank will be used as environmentally friendly PV battery system.

Feasibility study and cost benefit analysis will be conducted after preliminary technical design is completed. This study and analysis will be used to determine financially optimal variant of the technical solutions and especially to compare it with classic on grid system. If proved to be financially viable, preliminary design will be further developed into main technical design that is ready to be implemented on site.