3rd BEL for UAlg

It was conducted on 04th April 2019

It was conducted on 4th April at Campus de Gambelas, in Faro, the 3rd BEL for UALg. It convened around 20 people, coming from public regional authorities, researchers from R&D centres, and business support entities.
The event was dedicated to knowledge protection and transfer and was mainly addressed to the investigators of UAlg and other universities.
In this session, a public presentation of the manual of best practices in intellectual property took place, explaining the options to follow and encouraging the researchers to protect their research work.
The event also presented a good practice in the protection of intellectual property, from an UAlg spin off SME from the technological sector, applied to the sea and energy fields. 
The 3rd UAlg BEL was finalized with a networking cocktail, where all the participants could interact and exchange contacts and ideas.