Clean sea energy: 3rd BEL for UNISIENA

Public debate on opportunities offered by technologies for the exploitation of marine renewable energy.

It is schedules for next 21st June at 17.30 in Punta Ala Yacht Club, Tuscany region, the 3rd Blue Energy Lab promoted by Maestrale Lead Partner University of Siena. After Grosseto and Isola del Giglio, the Blue Energy Labs will be held in Punta Ala thanks to the collaboration with the Marina of Punta Ala and the Yacht Club Punta Ala.
The meeting will be introduced by Prof. Simone Bastianoni, from Ecodynamics Group of University of Siena, and joined by Massimiliano Scarpa (IUAV of Venice), professors Cipollina and Micale of the University of Palermo, which speech will be focused on use of gradient marine thermal for the production of heat and cold and of the salt gradient for production of electricity. The meeting will follow with Prof. Paolinelli from University of Florence, that will address his speech on importance of landscape architecture in planning of new plants. Last, Prof. Aminti from University of Florence will talk about blue energy.

Agenda available here: