Ceei Valencia introduced Maestrale during its general assembly

CEEI VALENCIA, as part of its dissemination tasks in the framework of Maestrale Project, presented this initiative to the members of its government body, last 10th April. CEEI Valencia as a key agent in its area of influence, is able to provide important information to the main players of the Valencian Region, as they are part of its government body. In this way CEEI is trying to assure the participation and commitment of all those organisations in the topic.
CEEI VALENCIA has almost 30 years of experience and strong links to the territory. The collegial body that rules it is integrated by all the Valencian key organisations related to entrepreneurship and innovation, so Project Maestrale was explained to these important stakeholders. They focused on its objectives, duration, Budget, partners and tasks.
A Powerpoint presentation was used, and also the Maestrale promotional material, as brochures, customized items etc. Almost 20 organisations were represented during the Assembly, as the Regional Government, Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Unions, Research Centres, Business Associations, etc.