The Case Studies analysis: Key findings

A focus taken from our third newsletter about the analysis of the 45 case studies

The analysis of the 45 case studies selected by MAESTRALE project partners brings out very interesting data, especially in view of the creation of the Blue Energy Labs (BELs) and the transferability in the Mediterranean area of the chosen technologies. In particular, considering the type of EB source, most of the 45 case studies consist of wave energy projects/devices to exploit tidal currents, offshore wind and ocean thermals. However, their use or increased diffusion in Mediterranean waters, apart from isolated cases, is still to be verified.

  •  Wave: 13 plants have been chosen, mainly located in Spain (3 plants), Italy (3), United Kingdom and Portugal (2 each). The average of the nominal power of the selected plants is about 213 KW, excluding the decommissioned big project PELAMIS on the northern coast of Portugal (40 devices with an unitary capacity of 750 kW). Among the operational plants (many plants are decommissioned or under realization) the highest nominal capacity is that of the Mutriku Wave Power Plant located at Bay of Biscay in the Spanish Basque Country (296 kW).
  • Tidal stream: 10 plants were selected, of which 6 located off the coast of the United Kingdom (mainly of Scotland) and 2 in Italy (but with a very low nominal power). The nominal average productive capacity shows marked differences depending on the individual plant (for example, from the 150 kW of the R115 WEC device located in Castiglioncello - Tuscan Archipelago/Italy, to the 320 MW of installed capacity – nominal rate 240 MW – of the under realization project Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon - UK);
  • Wind offshore: out of 9 plants, 6 are located in the European coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and in North Sea (4 in United Kingdom and 2 in Portugal), or in the best locations for the exploitation of this kind of source. The nominal power ranges from the 2 MW of the under realization Portuguese DEMOGRAVI3 project to the 630 MW of the London Array wind park (175 turbines located 20 km off the Kent coast in the outer Thames Estuary in the United Kingdom);
  • Ocean thermal: 8 plants mainly located on the Eastern Adriatic Countries -  Slovenia Croatia and Montenegro -, with a nominal average capacity of 3.47 MW, but with marked differences depending on the individual plant (for example, from the 15 kW of the Duindorp plant (The Hague) to the 19 MW of the Thassalia plant - Marseille).

Considering the type of project/plant out of the 45 case studies chosen by the MAESTRALE Partners, 42% are full operational plants mainly in ocean thermal energy (private hotels and public buildings in Slovenia and Croatia) and tidal stream energy (mainly in United Kingdom and Scotland in particular). Pilot projects/plants cover the 22% of the case studies and are concentrated mainly in the wave, tidal and offshore wind sub-sectors, especially in Italy and Portugal. Finally, concerning the status of the projects/plants  a share of 40% is related to operational plants that exploit ocean thermal, wave and tidal energy (mainly located in Italy and United Kingdom).