The Spanish public company started manufacturing the floating foundation

Greek partner of Maestrale intervied by online magazine Epixeiro

Renewables and energy efficiency declined by 3% in 2017

The study estimates the financial needs of the ocean energy sector in the...

A report from the Capitalization & Community event held in #Athens in June

It is located 25 kilometers off the coast of Peterhead

Our results in a glance

A periodic newsletter updates about Maestrale main achievements and findings and gives an overview on forthcoming events

Maestrale geo-database embedds information on energy potentials in the Mediterranean basin, best practices and case studies. It records more than 50 best practices and case studies of Blue Energy plants or prototypes with details on technology, production yield and technical requirements.

The infographic illustrates the 8 sources of Blue Energy used in the Mediterranean sea: from the marine current till the offshore wind farms, all technologies support the creation of energy from the sea, and have been introduced and analysed during Maestrale activities.

Blue Energy Labs

Blue Energy Labs are created in all participating countries as networking workshops among institutional, academia, civil society and industry actors to stimulate sharing of information and knowledge transfer.
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