Is it possible to generate Marine Renewable Energy in the Mediterranean Sea?
Which are the best options and the most suitable technologies?
Is Blue Energy a favourable playground for business and entrepreneurship?

The Interreg Med MAESTRALE project has been addressing these questions for 3 years, involving researchers and experts from 8 Mediterranean countries.
Most consistent outcomes have been achieved thanks to 10 Blue Energy Labs, developed as 40 laboratories involving research institutions, public authorities, SMEs and scientific experts. The intensive collaboration in the form  of a participatory process all around the Mediterranean area enabled the development of 20 pilot projects, for which feasibility and sustainability assessments demonstrated that Marine Renewable Energy technologies in the Mediterranean can be implemented.
Join our Final Conference: you will discover from Maestrale experts how our coastal areas could be redesigned and managed, how Mediterranean shores are expected to change in the next future and how we can contribute to realise renewable and self-sufficient energy communities towards the goal of a 2050 carbon neutral Europe.

MAESTRALE project is co-funded by Interreg MED Programme and coordinated by Ecodynamics Group of the University of Siena with the strong support of other 9 partners from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Croatia.


Realization of 2nd pilot action on the site of kindergarten Radost, Poreč

4th BEL for Uni Siena

It was organized within energy days

About 40 experts discussed the feasibility of integrating renewable energy...

UniSiena supported students

It’s focused on Valencian stakeholders






Our results in a glance

A periodic newsletter updates about Maestrale main achievements and findings and gives an overview on forthcoming events

Maestrale geo-database embedds information on energy potentials in the Mediterranean basin, best practices and case studies. It records more than 50 best practices and case studies of Blue Energy plants or prototypes with details on technology, production yield and technical requirements.

Read our technical, scientific and promotional papers on Blue Energy and on the achievements of the MAESTRALE project. Here you may find a selection of articles published by Maestrale partners.

The infographic illustrates the 8 sources of Blue Energy used in the Mediterranean sea: from the marine current till the offshore wind farms, all technologies support the creation of energy from the sea, and have been introduced and analysed during Maestrale activities.


The partners of MAESTRALE convey their knowledge and experience to build a wider community sensitive to the use of the sea as a renewable energy source to the benefit of all citizens in the Med area. Here you may find some relevant stories of knowledge transfer promoted by Maestrale partners.

Blue Energy Labs are created in all participating countries as networking workshops among institutional, academia, civil society and industry actors to stimulate sharing of information and knowledge transfer.
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